Camp Office Hours: 9am – 5pm

Camp Store Hours might vary (see posted on store door)

River Business Hours vary depending on the River Season


Our guests agree to abide by all Park Rules. 

    1. GreenBbrier River Campground (GBRC)  is private property.  Management reserves the right to choose customers and guests.
    2. In exchange for the appropriate registration fee, GBRC grants guests a limited, revocable, non-exclusive license to use the GBRC facilities.  This is not a rental or lease transaction.  A landlord-tenant relationship does not exist between GBRC and the guests.
    3. Guests agree to carry their own liability insurance. GBRC is NOT responsible for loss of any kind.  This is a mutually understood agreement that releases GBRC from any and all liability. You agree to hold GBRC harmless for any loss experienced.
    4. Guests are responsible for keeping their RV in good material and visual condition, if advised by management to make changes, the guest agrees in good faith to do so promptly.
    5. GBRC site fees only cover the use of the property for the guests registered on that site.  
    6. GBRC reserves the right to revoke camping privileges at our discretion. Failure to abide by the Community Standards will result in revoking camping privileges. Guests will be asked to vacate the premises immediately.
    7. GBRC is NOT responsible for any loss or damages caused by fires, floods, windstorms, natural disasters, theft, accident,vandalism, negligence, loss of electricity, communicable disease or Acts of God.
    8. Fireworks are not permitted.
    9. Possession of weapons (firearms, knives, chains, etc.), while outside of a personal camper or vehicle is not permitted on the property.
    10. GBRC will not tolerate illegal, irresponsible, vulgar, or disrespectful actions, activities, or language.  Any behavior determined to be dangerous, indecent, or disrespectful will result in a warning and/or removal from the property without a refund.  Uncooperative guests will be removed by the Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department.
    11. In case of an emergency call 9-1-1 immediately.
    12. For Urgent Park needs (water leak, sewer issues) call or text (304)-445-2203.
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